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 Culture, politics, feminism, Stars Hollow.

Culture, politics, feminism, Stars Hollow.



"Justice Delayed: Oregon is Finally Processing Its Rape Kit Backlog" (Portland Mercury)

“Prosecuting Attorney Files New Charges Against the Green River Killer” (The Stranger)

“Skipping Work? Seattle City Council Members Aren’t Show Up For Meetings” (The Stranger)


"Here's Your Reminder That Partial Birth Abortion Is Not a Thing" (Portland Mercury)

“Sorry, GOP. Pretty Sure Terrorism Was Already Political.” (Portland Mercury)

“After Talking it Over With God, I’m Siding With the Heathen Sluts” (The Stranger)

“So You Want to Counter-Protest Abortion Clinic Protesters. Here’s How to Do It Without Making Things Worse.” (Portland Mercury)

“It’s Time to Cheer Up About Hillary Clinton” (Portland Mercury)



“Danielle Dutton’s Ode to Female Literary Ambition” (Portland Mercury)



“Kegels: Maybe Only Do ’Em if You Want? Or Never!” (Portland Mercury)



“Theater Has a Well-Documented Diversity Problem. One Local Company Has a Possible Solution” (Portland Mercury)

“The Hyperrealism of William Eggleston” (Portland Mercury)

“Geeking Out with Rachel Bloom” (Portland Mercury)

“Photographer Olivia Bee’s Internal Universe” (Portland Mercury)



“Instructions for Replicating a Bad Summer” (The Rumpus)

“Rental History” (The Billfold)

“Things I Lost in the Move” (Midnight Breakfast)



“The Gweat Gwyneth Paltrow Wrecipe Test: Is it Really All Easy? IS ANYTHING?” (Portland Mercury)

“Jeff Goldblum’s Psychosexual Power” (Portland Mercury)

“Gilmore Girls is Not a Gritty Cable Drama" (Portland Mercury)